Mathematics and Reading Academies

In 2015 the 84th Texas Legislature (Regular Session) passed legislation directing the commissioner of education to develop and make available the following professional development opportunities to Texas public school teachers:

  • Mathematics achievement academies for teachers who provide math instruction to students at the kindergarten, first, second, or third grade level (Senate Bill 934, 84th Texas Legislature, 2015)
  • Literacy achievement academies for teachers who provide reading instruction to students at the kindergarten or first, second, or third grade level (SB 925, 84th Texas Legislature, 2015)
  • Reading-to-learn academies for teachers who provide reading comprehension instruction to students at the fourth or fifth grade level (SB 972 84th Texas Legislature, 2015)

The mathematics and reading academies will be available during summer 2018. To view the list of eligible campuses, visit: ESC Mathematics and Reading Academies Priority List for 2016, 2017, and 2018

Academy Stipends

The Texas Legislature has appropriated funding to pay stipends to eligible teachers who successfully complete academies. A teacher who successfully completes an academy will be eligible to receive a $350 stipend, minus applicable income taxes and payroll deductions.

TEA will process payments to school districts and charter schools for disbursement to eligible teachers who completed an academy. Teachers who completed academy training and who submitted a signed verification form accepting the stipend upon completion of the training will receive a stipend.

Once stipend information has been verified and processed, TEA will issue a payment to each school district and charter school that had an eligible teacher complete an approved training. Districts and schools are required to pay teachers the stipend in a timely manner. Districts and schools will be notified of the payment and will be provided a detailed list of the teachers who are to receive the stipend. Correspondence will be sent to the district or charter school superintendent as well as to the district business office at the email address on file in the AskTED system.

For questions related to stipend payment, teachers should first contact their district or charter school business office, followed by the ESC responsible for the academy training.

Instructions for Finding Your Unique ID (PDF, 191KB) - For timely processing of teacher stipends for academy attendance, participant’s ten-digit Unique ID number is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Achievement Academies ESC FAQs 2017 (PDF, 158KB)

Achievement Academies FAQs 2017 (PDF, 164KB)

Related Correspondence

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