Middle School Advanced Mathematics Program

Teacher helping student

In 2023, Senate Bill 2124 (88th  Texas Legislature, Regular Session) was signed into law, establishing Texas Education Code (TEC), §28.029, Middle School Advanced Mathematics Program. The law requires school districts and open-enrollment charter schools to develop an advanced mathematics program for middles school students that is designed to enable students to enroll in Algebra I in eighth grade. 

Program Requirements 

The purpose of the Middle School Advanced Mathematics Program is to “increase the number of students who complete advanced mathematics course in high school.” To this end, each school district and open-enrollment charter school is required to develop a program to enable students to take Algebra I in eighth grade. Specifically, the law requires LEAs to automatically enroll each sixth-grade student who performed in the top 40 percent on— 

  • the Grade 5 Math STAAR Assessment or 
  • a local measure, that includes
    • the student’s fifth grade class ranking, or
    • demonstrated proficiency in the student’s fifth grade mathematics coursework.

The parent or guardian of a student who has been identified for automatic enrollment in a LEA’s middle school advanced mathematics program may opt the student out of the program.