Foster Care & Student Success

 Foster Care & Student Success, housed in Texas Education Agency’s Division of Federal and State Education Policy maintains resources and information to advance the education of student's impacted by foster care. The resources and materials provide guidance related to the unique circumstances surrounding students who are in the foster care system and attend Texas public schools. In Texas, nearly 16,000 school-age students are in foster care at any given time.

The Foster Care & Student Success web content is divided into the following areas:

Foster Care & Student Success Resource Guide

Foster Care & Student Success Resource Guide coverTEA developed a premiere resource to support Texas schools in addressing the education of students in foster care: Texas Foster Care & Student Success Resource Guide (PDF). This guide is the product of collaboration with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, the Supreme Court of Texas, and the Permanent Judicial Commission for Children, Youth and Families (Children's Commission). This e-guide and training manual contains a variety of key researched-based topics and calls attention to important matters related to the education of students in foster care. The guide promotes best practices and contains numerous tips, tools, resources and links to more information.

TEA desires that the guide be widely used and distributed! Please share with your districts, schools and networks. The guide is available in a variety of formats. 

Guide Formats

You can download the complete resource guide below:

Individual chapter downloads are also available:

Foster Care & Student Success Resource Guide - Content Sections
Section Content PDF size
Cover and Front matter   Preface 913 KB
Chapter 1 Education & Students in Foster Care: An Overview 631 KB
Chapter 2 Increasing Cross-System Awareness 836 KB
Chapter 3   Building Cross-System Partnerships: Education, Child Welfare & Courts 487 KB
Chapter 4 Foster Care Overview: Understanding the Foster Care System 1.1 MB
Chapter 5 District Foster Care Liaisons: Responsibilities & Expectations 315 KB
Chapter 6   Identifying Students & Maintaining Confidentiality: Key Considerations 356 KB
Chapter 7 Enrollment 101 623 KB
Chapter 8   School Stability & Promoting Effective Transfers: Common Questions 1.1 MB
Chapter 9 Education Decision Making, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) & Sharing Education Information with Child Welfare Stakeholders 758 KB
Chapter 10 Additional School Provisions & Procedures 893 KB
Chapter 11 The School Experience: Providing Student Support, Implementing Academic
Supports and Interventions & Promoting High School Completion
1.3 MB
Chapter 12 Students Eligible for or Receiving Special Education Services 471 MB
Chapter 13 Transitioning Out of Foster Care and Post-Secondary Education Opportunities 926 MB
Endnotes   135 KB
Appendices   954 KB
References and Back matter    160 KB
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