School Guidance and Counseling - Job Description & Evaluation Form

Job Duties and Evaluations

Professional School Counselors are educators who have master’s degrees and a state school counselor certification. School Counselors provide specialized counseling and guidance in the framework of the Texas Educations Agency’s Model Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program for Texas Public Schools—A Guide for Program Development Pre K – 12 grade .

It is important to avoid school counselors being evaluated according to criteria developed for classroom teachers or other educational professionals.

Districts employing school counselors must utilize state law to establish the School Counselor job description and evaluation tools must be based on the Texas Education Code’s duties of a school counselor. Counselors are expected to perform 90 percent of their time implementing the Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program. Duties outside the scope of duties established in the Texas Education Code, §33.006, should be limited to 10 percent or less of the counselors responsibilities.

Related Texas Law


Texas Education Code can be found by expanding (clicking on the "+" next to) Texas Statutes and then expanding Education Code.

Texas Education Code, §33.006 Duties of a School Counselor

Texas Education Code, §21.356 Evaluation of School Counselors

Texas Education Code, §21.203 Employment Policies for School Counselors

Counselor Job Description and Evaluation Forms


Counselor Job Description and Evaluation Form
The Texas Education Agency form used by the counselor as a self-audit and supervisors to annually evaluate the counselor's performance.

Texas Evaluation Model for Professional School Counselors (TEMPSC—II)
Developed by the Texas Counselor Association to address the special evaluation needs of school counselors. The TEMPSC—II meets the requirements of Texas Law (Texas Education Code 21.357) on the evaluation of School Counselors.


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