Teaching Strategies for Texas

Full-Subject Materials, Temporary License: Prekindergarten 

Freely available through August 2024

As part of contingency planning for the disruptions of COVID, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) acquired temporary, statewide licenses for the Creative Curriculum® for Texas by Teaching Strategies, and it has been freely available for Texas schools as part of the state’s emergency response. Previously, you had received communication that the term of this agreement was ending in December 2023. However, to prevent a lapse of access mid-year, the Agency has moved to extend the access to these resources through August of 2024.

You will continue to have access to The Creative Curriculum Cloud, for Texas, GOLD® the formative and summative assessment tool, and aligned, online professional development and recorded webinars through August 2024.

The Creative Curriculum Cloud, for Texas, and GOLD® is an optional resource that meets the working definition of HQIM. However, this resource is not currently endorsed by the State Board of Education (SBOE) following HB 1605 as the Instructional Materials Review and Approval (IMRA) is currently being defined and developed. 

Current users should not see any interruption to their access during the school year 2023-2024, with access ending in August 2024. If you do have issues or interruptions, check the MyTeachingStrategies ® Support Portal.

Sample Materials

Unit Lists

View units and modules for the Creative Curriculum® for Texas by Teaching Strategies.

Digital Tool Add-ons

Districts also have the option to use the GOLD Embedded Formative Assessment as their assessment instrument if they choose, available at no cost through November 2023.