Teaching Strategies for Texas

Full-Subject Materials, Temporary License: Prekindergarten 

Freely available through November 2023

The Creative Curriculum® for Texas by Teaching Strategies provides a research-based digital curriculum built on all ten domains of the Texas prekindergarten guidelines and the specific dual-language needs of Texas. This program supports the whole child in becoming a creative, confident, and caring learner. All resources are available in English and Spanish. Educators gain access to the digital content library with comprehensive classroom resources, including teaching guides, fiction and nonfiction children’s books, and assessments to drive instruction.

As part of contingency planning for the disruptions of COVID, TEA acquired temporary, statewide licenses for the Creative Curriculum® for Texas by Teaching Strategies, and it has been freely available for Texas schools as part of the state’s emergency response. As part of the emergency procurement process, TEA conducted a limited review of the content for Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) coverage and quality.

View the complete the Creative Curriculum® for Texas by Teaching Strategies scope and sequence document (PDF).

Sample Materials

Unit Lists

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Digital Tool Add-ons

Districts also have the option to use the GOLD Embedded Formative Assessment as their assessment instrument if they choose, available at no cost through November 2023.