Amplify ELAR Texas

Full-Subject Temporary Licensed Materials: 6–8 ELAR

Amplify ELAR Texas is a full-subject tier-1 set of instructional materials including high-quality, complex texts that focus on topics and themes relevant to middle schoolers. Units target the most powerful aspects of each text and engage students in activities that put text at the center of instruction. Texts become more complex throughout the year as students’ reading skills grow, adding up to a rigorous sequence that rewards effort and builds knowledge across subject areas. 

Amplify ELAR Texas was designed to be delivered in an entirely digital format (with print materials encouraged) and is well-suited for remote instruction. As part of contingency planning for the disruptions of COVID, TEA acquired temporary, statewide licenses for Amplify ELAR Texas 6-8, and it has been freely available for Texas schools as part of the state’s emergency response. As part of the emergency procurement process, TEA conducted a limited review of the content for Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) coverage and quality.

The licenses expire September 2023. The materials have been made available optionally, should a school system wish to use them. Any school system that chooses to continue using Amplify ELAR Texas beyond September 2023 would be required to cover the costs of the product locally.

The product includes access to an online platform with five levels of differentiation, assessments, reporting, an extensive digital library, and a vocabulary application.  Additional materials, including print materials and novels, are also available for purchase directly from the vendor.

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