Highest Ranking Graduate Forms

The 2020-2021 forms are now available.

This web page is addressed to district or high school personnel, who are authorized to issue the Highest Ranking Graduate (HRG) award.


Highest Ranking Graduate Certificate


Print the College Tuition Waiver Document Instructions

You need to complete the Tuition Waiver PDF and ensure the student gets a copy to present to the Texas college admissions or financial aid office of attendance. You do not need to send any documents back to TEA.

You need the following information to complete the form:

  • 9 digit PEIMS County-District-Campus number:  
  • Student's full name
  • High School
  • School District (only for Independent School Districts)
  • City
  • Zip Code
  • Superintendent or Authorized School Official for private schools
  • Title of the Authorized School Official (only for private schools)
  • Phone Number of the Superintendent or Authorized School Official for private schools
  • Email Address of the Superintendent or Authorized School Official for private schools

Tuition Waiver Forms for 2020-2021

Public High School tuition waiver form (PDF) for a Texas public college

Private School accredited by TEPSAC tuition waiver form (PDF) for a Texas public college

Charter School accredited by TEA tuition waiver form (PDF) for a Texas public college


Print the Highest Ranking Graduate Certificate Instructions

The Highest Ranking Graduate Certificate (PDF) is a form filled PDF for the 2020-2021 school year for the student only. Do not send this document back to TEA.  You type in the name of the student and high school. Print the document and then have the principal and superintendent sign the certificate. We suggest you use a nice stock paper for the certificate. A HRG Certificate for private schools (PDF) is also provided.

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Having Problems printing the form?

If you have problems printing the form, make sure you open the PDF with Adobe Reader/Acrobat.  Sometimes people's internet browser (Chrome, FireFox, IE, Safari) will automatically open the PDF in preview mode.   You will not have full functionality.  Open your Adobe software and then the PDF.


Chrome Users

If your PDF opens in a web browser window, you should download and save the PDF on your computer from the browser.  Remember where you saved the file.  Open your Adobe Reader or Acrobat application and then open the PDF from where you saved it.  You should now have full functionality of the form.


Mac Users with no [Print] button

Your Mac may open the document in Preview mode. There will be no[Print] button in the upper right corner.  You will need to close preview and open the document using Adobe Reader. You may not have Adobe Reader on your computer, if so you need to download and install it.  Open the document using your Adobe Reader and you should be able to print.

Adobe Reader Information

Make sure you have the latest free version of the Adobe Reader, you will need version 9.0 or later to print!  You can verify your version by opening your Adobe Reader and clicking the Help menu and going to About Adobe .... You may need to contact your technical support staff in order to download the new Adobe Reader on your computer.

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If you continue to have problems with the PDF after updating, contact TEA and ask for Highest Ranking Graduate technical support.

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