Prekindergarten Tuition


See the links below for Texas law relating to prekindergarten student tuition.

Tuition-Supported and District-Financed Prekindergarten

If a school district has 15 or more eligible 4-year-old children, it must offer a free full day of prekindergarten to those children.

A district may charge tuition to provide:

  • half-day and full-day prekindergarten classes to children who are ineligible for free prekindergarten classes; and
  • an additional half day of prekindergarten classes to those 3-year old children who are eligible for free prekindergarten classes

If a district charges tuition:

  • the tuition may not be higher than is necessary to cover the added costs of providing the additional prekindergarten classes, including any costs associated with data collection and reporting requirements; and
  • the district must submit a proposed tuition rate to the commissioner for approval annually. See the Sample Proposed Tuition Rate Letter.

Send proposed tuition letter to

Do NOT send more than one copy of your tuition request letter to the agency. If you send this letter by email, do NOT send it again by regular mail.