HQPK Teacher Qualifications

This high-quality component aims to elevate the prekindergarten teaching profession in Texas by ensuring that teachers have the qualifications needed to effectively support the developmental growth and achievement of Texas’ youngest learners. This component focuses on appropriately certified teachers who have an additional qualification that is early-childhood specific. For more information on finding professional development resources, please visit our Educator Resources page.

CLI Engage hosts many online professional development courses for early childhood teachers, administrators, coaches, and parents. For more information, please visit their website https://public.cliengage.org/tools/online-learning/.

If you need additional support, please use the Early Childhood Education Support Portal.


High-Quality Prekindergarten Components: Prekindergarten Teacher Qualifications

The Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System (TECPDS)

TECPDS is a statewide program designed to meet the professional development needs of those working in the early childhood field. For more information on TECPDS, please reference the following resources.