Student Supports

Student Supports encompass a wide variety of interventions, activities and practices that schools can implement to address the non-academic needs that often pose a barrier to students' learning.  This work is grounded in the understanding that educational success is directly impacted by factors both within and outside of the classroom and that the needs of the "whole child" must be met to maximize the effectiveness of academic instruction. 

Student Supports recognizes that schools alone may not be equipped to address the variety and depth of students' needs and should actively partner in a coordinated and integrated manner with community providers and other resources.  This may include ensuring students' basic needs are met, supporting students to feel physically and psychologically safe, and providing an array of interventions that allow students to focus on learning. 


Mental Health Resources for Educators and Schools:  The Texas School Health Advisory Committee (TSHAC) has developed this document to identify relevant resources for school personnel to accomplish the training of staff required by the Health and Safety Code and Texas Education Code. 

Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Network: A network dedicated to addressing the issues that impact access and provision of mental health services in schools across the United States.  

Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute:  Provides independent, nonpartisan, data-driven, and trusted policy and program guidance that creates systemic changes so all Texans can obtain effective, efficient behavioral health care when and where they need it. 

National Dropout Prevention Center: Dedicated to increasing graduation rates through research and evidence-based solutions.