Academic Achievement Record

Each school district must report the academic achievement record (AAR) of students who have completed a minimum, recommended, advanced (distinguished), or foundation high school program. The transcript forms must include the required standard content for the AAR. The words “academic achievement record” and “transcript” are interchangeable. The form must serve as the academic record for each student and must be maintained permanently by the district.  

The following documents provide information regarding AAR minimum standards:

2012 Minimum Standards for the AAR (PDF, 315KB)

2009-2010 Minimum Standards for the AAR (PDF, 173KB)

2008 Minimum Standards for the AAR (PDF, 159KB)

The following documents provide examples of student AAR records:

Sample Form A (Approved in 2012) (PDF, 495KB)

Sample Form B (Approved in 2012) (PDF, 559KB)

An annotated version of the 2008 Minimum Standards is available as an aid to understanding the changes that have been made.

For details on implementation requirements, please see the Correspondence to Districts dated July 15, 2008.

These are seals (PDF, 153KB) of the State of Texas to be used by public schools and approved charter schools to denote completion of appropriate high school graduation programs under 19 TAC, Chapter 74, on each student's Academic Achievement Record.

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