Approving TEAL Access for Your Staff

Due to the serious consequences that can result from inappropriate access to sensitive and confidential data, the rights to approve access to TEAL web applications are restricted to the organization head, for example, a district superintendent or executive director. Organization heads must approve access for their staff to use TEA web applications such as eGrants, TREx, and TSDS Portal. An organization head may delegate approval rights, with board approval required in some cases.

For instructions on how to be set up with approval rights, and how to review and approve requests for access, select the reference below that corresponds to your needs.

Please keep in mind - approver rights for the previous organization head may still be in place. Verify the previous approver's access has been removed in TEAL. Having this in place creates a security vulnerability for your organization and prevents staff requests from being reviewed and approved. In order to be set up with approval privileges you must be listed in Ask TED as the superintendent, director, or organization head or BPD as the Legal Authority.


The Texas Education Agency Login (TEAL) gateway provides access to several software applications, including ECOS, TSDS Portal, and TREx, for more than 500,000 users.

TEAL Quick Reference for Organization Approvers
Instructions for superintendents and ESC directors listed in AskTED, and for TEA division directors. includes details about how to setup Approver access, review and approve staff requests.

TEAL Quick Reference for Organization Approvers (BPD)
Instructions for heads of Educator Preparation Programs, Private Prekindergarten's, and other entities listed in the TEA Business Partner Directory (BPD).  Includes details about how to make sure your organization is listed in the TEA BPD, how to set up access, and review and approve staff requests. 

 Create and Manage Web Service Accounts in TEAL
Guide for account setup and management for organizations that use TEAL web services to connect to applications like TSDS Unique ID or the TSDS Data Transfer Utility.   

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