Texas Education Agency Initiates Marlin ISD Board Transition


AUSTIN, TX - February 12, 2024 – The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has notified the Marlin Independent School District (MISD) that the transition of district governance from the appointed Board of Managers to the elected Board of Trustees has been initiated.
As part of the transition process, two elected Board of Trustee members will reassume their governance authority and become part of the Board of Managers. In a letter to Marlin ISD Superintendent Dr. Darryl Henson, members of the current MISD Board of Managers, and elected Board of Trustees, Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath selected Billy Johnson and Rosalyn Dimerson as the first two elected trustees to join the Board. Johnson and Dimerson will join the three-member Board of Managers to create a five-member governing board.
“This transition signifies an important milestone for Marlin ISD,” Commissioner Morath said. “Through diligent oversight and the collaboration between the Board of Managers and Superintendent Henson, MISD has made substantial improvements in both academics and governance. I am confident the governing body of Marlin ISD will continue to propel the district forward and allow for a successful resumption of duties for the elected trustees.”
In his letter, Commissioner Morath appointed Marsha Ridlehuber to replace Johnson’s vacated seat on the Board of Managers, as Johnson’s election as a governing trustee created a vacancy on the Board of Managers (Johnson ran and won a seat as an elected trustee subsequent to his initial appointment to the Board of Managers). Ridlehuber is a career educator who served as a district administrator in Marlin ISD and previously served on the MISD Board of Managers.
As required by statute, Commissioner Morath will continue to designate elected members of the Board of Trustees to replace Board of Managers members until the appointment of the Board of Managers expires and the governing body is comprised entirely of elected trustees. The appointment of the MISD Board of Managers is set to expire on January 31, 2026. 
Background on Agency Intervention and Board of Managers Process 
In January 2017, Commissioner Morath appointed a five-member Board of Managers to lead Marlin ISD in response to the district receiving five consecutive years of unacceptable academic accountability ratings. In January 2019, Commissioner Morath extended the placement of the Board due to a lack of improvement in the district’s 2017 and 2018 accountability ratings, which increased the count to seven consecutive years of unacceptable performance. 

In January 2021, Commissioner Morath announced the transition timeline for the Board of Managers. Due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent academic accountability pause, initiation of the transition was delayed until January 31, 2024. An additional third of the elected trustees will transition to the board on January 31, 2025, with the final third transitioning on January 31, 2026. 

Marlin ISD received an Overall B (86) in the 2022 state accountability ratings, regaining its Accreditation status.