Validations of Fiscal Data Reported by LEAs for Federal Grants

Date:  September 8, 2022 
Subject: Validations of Fiscal Data Reported by LEAs for Federal Grants 
Category: Federal Fiscal Compliance and Reporting 
Next Steps:  LEAs chosen in random sample(s) to provide documentation when requested 


The purpose of this letter is to inform local educational agencies (LEAs) that the Federal Fiscal Compliance and Reporting (FFCR) Division of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) will conduct random validations of the self-reported data submitted by LEAs related to fiscal compliance for federal grants programs. Listed below are the data subject to validation this school year. Additional data validations may be added as needed.

  • LEA Application for Federal Funding (ESSA, IDEA, Perkins)
  • SC5050 Enrollment Data Request
  • Title I, Part A Comparability Computation Form (CCF)
  • SC9000 Annual Survey of Children in Local Residential Facilities for the Neglected/Delinquent
  • SC9010 Survey of Children in Stage Agency Facilities
  • LEA-level Maintenance of Equity (MOEquity) Tool
  • Substitute System of Time and Effort
  • Special Education Consolidated Federal Grant Application, Schedule BS6016– Fiscal Compliance Requirements

One of the ways that an LEA demonstrates compliance with fiscal requirements is by establishing a system of accountability for federal grant funds. An effective system of internal controls must be in place to prevent, detect, and reduce the risks of fraud, waste, and abuse of federal grant funds. The purpose of the system is to ensure that LEAs provide reasonable assurance that grant objectives have been met as required by federal regulations and guidelines. As part of its internal controls process, TEA conducts validations of various LEA self-reported data.

Data Validation Timeline

The table below provides the deadline date for each of the respective eGrants forms and other reports. Any LEA can reasonably expect to be selected for the data validation. TEA will notify selected LEAs to submit their auditable documentation in support of their self-reported data based on the timeline below. Each notification will include additional information about the specific validation process.

eGrants Form/Other Reporting  Deadline Date  Selection and Notification of Data Validation 

2022–2023 Application for Federal Funding (ESSA, IDEA, Perkins) 

Rolling deadline based on start date  After the NOGA has been awarded

2022–2023 SC5050 (New open-enrollment charter school submission)

November 4, 2022  After the SC5050 submission 

2022–2023 Title I, Part A Comparability Computation Form (CCF) 

November 18, 2022  After the CCF submission 

2023–2024 SC9000 

December 9, 2022  After the SC9000 submission 

2023–2024 SC9010 (Applicable only to Windham School District and Texas Juvenile Justice Department) 

January 6, 2023  After the SC9010 submission 

2022–2023 LEA-level MOEquity Tool 

January 27, 2023  After the MOEquity Tool submission 

2022–2023 SC5050 (Open-enrollment charter schools claiming significant expansion) 

January 31, 2023  After the SC5050 submission 

2022–2023 Substitute System of Time and Effort (Applicable only to LEAs with an approved substitute system of time and effort) 

May 12, 2023  After substitute time and effort reporting is approved by TEA

2023–2024 Special Education Consolidated Grant Application, Schedule BS6016 

August 31, 2023  After application submission 

For Further Information If you have questions, please contact the FFCR Division at (512) 463-9127 or by email at