Updated Data Feed Schedule L-1

Date:  July 2, 2020
Subject: Updated Data Feed Schedule L-1
Category: School FIRST required responses to selected indicators
Next Steps:  Action required of LEA; Share with appropriate staff


This letter is to notify local education agencies (LEAs), specifically school districts, of changes to data feed Schedule L-1. The electronic format submission consists of a data text file, known as the data feed, and a pdf of the AFR. This letter addresses the data feed, specifically, Schedule L-1, Required Responses to Selected School Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST) indicators. 

For fiscal year ended (FYE) 2020 school districts will be required to answer a new set of questions on data feed Schedule L-1. New questions on data feed Schedule L-1 are aligned with the new School FIRST indicators effective for the 2020–2021 School FIRST rating year, based on fiscal year 2020 (school year 2019–2020) data. 

Please note, data feed Schedule L-1 is to be included as part of the annual financial audit report (AFR) submission on the required due date and published as a part of the school district's AFR. This schedule should be submitted in the data feed file and submitted as an Adobe Acrobat portable document file (pdf). 

School districts may access a copy the updated data feed Schedule L-1 on TEA’s Financial Accountability System Resource Guide (FASRG) webpage, under the Related Information section. 

If you have any questions related to the contents of this letter, please contact financial accountability at (512) 463-9095 or by email at financialaccountability@tea.texas.gov


David Marx, CPA 

Director, Financial Compliance