Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) Summer Meal Program Availability

Date:  June 13, 2024                
Subject: Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) Summer Meal Program Availability 
Category: Summer Meal Resources
Next Steps: 

1) Share with appropriate staff;
2) collaborate with district and campus personnel to communicate to families


The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is collaborating with the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), to amplify the availability of TDA’s Summer Meal Program. 

The Summer Meal Program connects Texas children to healthy and nutritious meals while school is out of session. As a leader in your community, you play a critical role in helping increase awareness of the program and ensuring kids have access to healthy and nutritious meals. 

TDA has developed online resources and materials for schools, food sponsors and community members to use as promotional items to create program awareness. TDA has requested that school systems share the following message with parents and families via your school system’s communication channels throughout the summer. 

“Texas children have access to healthy meals during the summer provided by participating school and community organizations in partnership with the Texas Department of Agriculture. Children 18 and younger and enrolled students with disabilities up to age 21 in low-income areas can eat healthy meals at no cost through the Summer Meal Program. Locations are supervised and welcoming, often offering fun activities with the meal. Families can use these three tools to find nearby meal sites ─ VISIT SummerFood.org, TEXT “Food” or “Comida” to 304-304 or CALL 2-1-1. Registration or ID is not required. Summer Meal Programs are funded by the USDA and brought to you by the Texas Department of Agriculture and Commissioner Sid Miller.” 

Please visit the Summer Meal Programs page on TDA’s website to learn more about the program and access downloadable materials for social media platforms. 

Thank you for assisting with promoting the Summer Meal Program to Texas families.