Texas COVID Learning Acceleration Support (TCLAS) Application -Source for 15+ TEA Initiatives and Support – Opens Monday, July 19

Date:   July 15, 2021       
Subject: TCLAS Application—Source for 15+ TEA Initiatives and Supports— Opens Monday
Category: Grant Opportunity and Interest Survey
Next Steps:  Share with instructional and grant staff


The Texas COVID Learning Acceleration Supports (TCLAS) is a suite of targeted supports for school districts and open-enrollment charter schools to accelerate student learning in the wake of COVID 19. The TCLAS application--open from July 19, 2021, through August 20, 2021—is a one-stop-shop application providing local educational agencies (LEAs) access to over $1.4 billion in state and federal discretionary ESSER funding, including access to over 15 Texas Education Agency (TEA) initiatives and supports and funding for district personnel to carry out these initiatives. Here are three things to know about TCLAS:

  1. One Simple and Straightforward Application: The TCLAS application is a web-based survey followed by a simple eGrants application in the TEAL system with no narrative responses required. Interested LEAs can use the provided TCLAS Guidance Document and TCLAS Award Calculator to decide which supports the LEA would like to receive through TCLAS and to calculate their expected award amount.
  2. No Additional Application Process Will Be Held for Certain TEA Initiatives: The TCLAS application is planned to be the only application for many TEA initiatives for 2021-2022. This means that there may be no additional application process beyond the TCLAS application for the following grant programs:
    • Additional Days School Year Planning and Execution Program (ADSY PEP)
    • Blended Learning Grant Program (BLGP)
    • COVID Recovery Instructional Materials Support Initiative (CRIMSI)
    • Grow Your Own (GYO)
    • Math Innovation Zones (MIZ)
    • Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH)
    • Resilient School Support Program (RSSP)
    • School Action Fund (SAF)
    • Strong Foundations Grant from House Bill 4545
    • Support and Subsidies for Tutoring Programs
    • Teacher Residency and Staffing Models
      LEAs interested in any of the above initiatives should apply through the TCLAS application.
  3. Additional Application Supports Available: TEA is providing the following supports to help interested LEAs with TCLAS:

The application, which provides access to supports included in these initiatives, will be open on Monday, July 19, 2021, on the . Interested LEAs can start planning now using the TCLAS Guidance Document and TCLAS Award Calculator.

Is your LEA interested in applying for TCLAS? Let us know with this 1-minute survey!