TEA Information Resources on House Bill (HB) 3

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June 24, 2019


TEA Information Resources on House Bill (HB) 3




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On Tuesday, June 11, 2019, Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law House Bill 3, a groundbreaking and innovative piece of legislation that brings transformative change to public education in Texas.

TEA is committed to providing timely and in-depth information to school districts regarding the new requirements in the law. To this end, the Agency has created a new website which can be found at https://tea.texas.gov/HB3. This new site already features extensive information regarding HB3.

Additionally, TEA has launched a new web video series, “HB3 in 30.” Each video will feature, in roughly 30 minutes, an overview and detailed explanation of a specific provision in House Bill 3, as well as information on how TEA is working to implement applicable changes to public education required by this new legislation. Videos will be released every Thursday and will be accompanied by supporting documents available for download.

The first video in the series, an overview of Budget Planning for Teacher Compensation, is scheduled for release on Thursday, June 27.

A full schedule of weekly release dates, a summary of HB3, frequently asked questions, and implementation guidance for school districts can be found on the TEA House Bill 3 information site.

HB3 contains major reforms to public education. The law:

  • Supports teachers and rewards teacher excellence;
  • Focuses on learning and improving student outcomes by:
    • Prioritizing early literacy, including PreK
    • Incentivizing college, career and military readiness;
    • Increasing support for special education; and
    • Expanding learning opportunities
  • Increases funding and equity; and
  • Reduces and reforms property taxes and recapture.

    It is our goal to provide, both through the new website and the “HB3 In 30” video series, clear guidance on what exactly HB3 does and seeks to accomplish. We hope these resources prove valuabe to you as you prepare for the coming school year.

    If you have specific questions about the bill, please email us at HB3info@tea.texas.gov.