Spring 2023 STAAR Grades 3–8 Reporting Update

Date:  August 1, 2023
Subject: Spring 2023 STAAR Grades 3–8 Reporting Update
Category: Student Assessment
Next Steps:  Share with appropriate staff


The purpose of this communication is to provide an update to superintendents, school system administrators, and campus administrators about the availability of reporting data for the Spring 2023 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) grades 3–8 assessments.  

To support local educational agencies (LEAs) in making accelerated instruction decisions and other instructional planning, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) is now able to release STAAR grades 3–8 results with performance level information to LEAs earlier than scheduled. Starting August 4, 2023, student results with passing information for grades 3–8 will be available in the Centralized Reporting System (CRS).   

With the standard-setting process complete and performance level information available, LEAs will no longer need to use the early results guidance tables that were previously published. LEAs may refer to the raw score conversion tables that will be posted on the TEA website on August 4.

STAAR grades 3–8 final assessment reports, including updated student report cards and data files, will be available for district coordinators as scheduled on August 11. Printed student report cards and student labels are still scheduled to arrive in districts by September 1 for LEAs that opted to receive them.

On August 16, statewide summary reports for STAAR grades 3–8 will be released to the public and final assessment results will be available in the Family and Analytic Portals on TexasAssessment.gov.

For accountability, 2023 A–F ratings will be released to LEAs on September 26 and released to the public on September 28.

Timeline for 2023 STAAR Grades 3–8 Results and A–F Ratings

Date Activity
Friday, August 4 Performance-level information is available in CRS.
Raw score conversion tables are posted on TEA website.
Friday, August 11 Final assessment reports are available for LEAs.
Wednesday, August 16

Statewide summary reports are available on TEA website.
Final assessment results are available in the portals on TexasAssessment.gov.

Friday, September 1 Printed student report cards and student labels arrive in LEAs.
Tuesday, September 26 A–F ratings are released to LEAs.
Thursday, September 28 A–F ratings are released to the public.

Please submit any questions regarding the spring 2023 STAAR reporting timelines to the TEA Student Assessment Help Desk. Questions regarding accountability should be directed to the TEA Performance Reporting Division at (512) 463-9704 or performance.reporting@tea.texas.gov.