Special Education Required Postings to LEA Websites

Date:  August 11, 2022
Subject: Special Education Required Posting to LEA Website
Category: Required Postings
Next Steps:  Share with appropriate local educational agency staff


This letter provides notice to local education agencies (LEAs) of required postings described in U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) requirements, applicable federal law, the Texas Education Code (TEC), and IDEA-B Program Guidelines. 

LEAs are required to have links to all required postings accessible on their public-facing website, and all websites, materials, static resources, and information made available to parents and staff must be updated to reflect the following: 

Required Postings

Student Handbook Statement 

Texas Transition and Employment Guide 

SB 139 Notice to Families 

IDEA, Dyslexia, MTSS, and Section 504 

Compensatory Services 

Dyslexia Handbook 2021 

SPEDTex Logo, Hyperlink, Description, and Contact Information 

  • Post on the LEA’s public-facing website, preferably on the LEA’s special education page, the logo, hyperlink, description, and contact information for SPEDTex by August 31, 2022.  
  • Items to be posted can be found at the bottom of the SPEDTex Educator page

Significant Disproportionality 

Additional Resources 

To assist LEAs in maintaining compliance with required special education website posting requirements, TEA has developed a checklist to ensure that all required documents and statements are posted. The entire checklist can be found at Special Education Required Postings to LEA Websites

For questions regarding the requirements contained in this document, please contact TEA’s Division of Special Education Programs at sped@tea.texas.gov.