Resilient Schools Support Program Application Process

Date:  February 11, 2021
Subject: Resilient Schools Support Program Application Process
Category: Strong Start 21-22
Next Steps:  Attend Informational Webinars and Submit Application


The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is excited to announce the application process for Texas Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to join the 2021-2022 Resilient Schools Support Program. 

Resilient Schools Support Program (RSSP) Overview 

Early data indicates that school closures and disruptions in SY19-20 and SY20-21 are likely to result in unfinished learning for many students statewide, making recovery and acceleration plans even more crucial. LEA central teams and campuses would benefit greatly having access to tailored, targeted support to address the challenges posed by these unprecedented times. Further, LEA leadership teams are working hard to anticipate multiple scenarios and needs, including the potential continuation of remote and hybrid learning and extended, individualized support to students. 

In response to these unprecedented challenges, the TEA is expanding the RSSP to extend support to more LEAs in SY21-22. By joining the RSSP, LEAs will receive customized technical assistance over the course of April 2021-June 2022 to build robust COVID recovery and acceleration plans, implementing continuous improvement cycles. RSSP LEAs will seek to improve student outcomes in an approach that is inclusive and supportive of the broader school community, particularly campus leaders, teachers, and families. 

SY20-21 RSSP District Support 

The RSSP currently serves 50+ LEAs this school year. RSSP supports have reached 5,700+ teachers, 450+ school leaders, 310+ district leaders and 370+ campuses. Program LEAs vary in all sizes and regions. 

RSSP LEAs have received bi-weekly coaching, professional development, and implementation support in alignment to each district’s individual needs and priorities. LEAs participating in RSSP this year report that the program has been valuable to achieving impact. 

  • 95% of participating LEAs agree that coaching meetings with their technical assistance partner is time well spent 
  • 97% of participating LEAs reporting seeing progress in at least one area of focus 
  • 96% of participants have found cohort learning opportunities to be insightful 
  • 94% of participants feel confident in implementing strategies from cohort learning opportunities 

Eligible Applicants 

All Texas school local education agencies (LEAs) are eligible to apply to join the RSSP. 

What Districts Participating in RSSP will Receive / Benefits 

The RSSP will select up to 75 LEAs, potentially more, to support spring 2021 through summer 2022. Selected LEAs will be matched with highly qualified technical assistance providers. That provider, in partnership with TEA, will support LEAs to do the following things: 

  • Evaluate your COVID recovery and acceleration needs across the LEA 
  • Support you in crafting a recovery and acceleration implementation plan for school year 21-22 needs 
  • Co-develop and support implementation of campus level improvements 
  • Provide a direct line to TEA support and resources 

Through this program we will support LEAs in continuously improving their identified highest leverage recovery and acceleration strategies. These improvements could include strategic interventions in tier one instruction, adapting existing curriculum or adopting new curriculum, supporting teacher development, revising schedules, better serving special populations and other related topics. Due to the highly fluid nature of the school year, TEA reserves the right to modify the programs or supports. 

Selected LEAs must commit to making the Resilient Schools Support Program a cabinet-level priority. A full-time Cabinet-level team member (preferably the Chief Academic Officer or a similar role) must make this a yearlong priority and be willing to make significant improvements throughout the year. 

Selection Process 

TEA will select LEAs based upon the strength of their application and interview, objective measures of need, and evidence of willingness of the LEAs to implement significant improvements during the school year. TEA will seek to ensure that diverse sizes of LEAs and regions within the state are included in the program. 

RSSP Application Process and Timeline 

Please email with any questions regarding the program. 




February 11

Applications Released: The application will be available on the Strong Start Resources webpage. Current RSSP LEAs should also apply. We will take into consideration your experiences and commitment in year one.

February 24 and 26 

March 2, 3 and 5

Informational Webinar: Interested LEAs may learn more by attending a webinar. 

For Current SY20-21 RSSP LEAs:

2/24 at 1:00 pm and 2/26 at 9:00 am 

Please sign up here. 

For Newly Applying LEAs: 

2/24 at 9:00 am, 2/26 at 12:00 pm, 3/2 at 9:00 am, 3/3 at 3:00 pm and 3/5 at 11:00 am 

Please sign up here.

March 12

Application Due: All LEAs please submit completed applications to These will be processed on a rolling basis until the application deadline.

March 1-24

Zoom Interviews: TEA staff will conduct 25-minute zoom interviews with LEA Cabinet leaders to add context to the written application and make an acceptance decision. Superintendents and Chief Academic Officers are required to attend. Other cabinet and senior leadership members are invited to attend, but optional. You will receive an invite to interview upon your submission of your application.

April 2

Acceptance: Accepted applicants will be invited to join the program.

Starting April 2021

Cohort Launch: All accepted LEAs will participate in a cohort launch webinar. 

Technical Assistance Partner Match: Accepted LEAs will be matched with their technical assistance partner for the program.

 Due to the highly fluid nature of the school year, TEA reserves the right to modify the programs or supports.