Prekindergarten Adoption Support Conference, including Virtual Publisher Fair Coming Soon

Date:  December 17, 2020
Subject: Prekindergarten Adoption Support Conference, including Virtual Publisher Fair Coming Soon
Category: PreK Adoption Support Conference Opportunity
Next Steps:  Review conference description, decide who should attend, register all attendees at the link below


TEA will host a two-day, virtual Prekindergarten Adoption Support Conference and publisher fair January 12-13, 2021 from 9:00am to 4:00pm to support LEAs with the PreK materials selection process. 

As a part of Proclamation 2021, the State Board of Education has released the state approved list of Prekindergarten products that meets the requirements for percentage of Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines (TPG) coverage for each domain. This conference will help districts use the information provided by the SBOE to make strong, locally driven adoption decisions using freely available resources available to support LEAs in their selection process. LEAs will also have an opportunity to hear from other district representatives who have led successful local adoption processes and learn from their experiences. This two-day event will end with a virtual publisher fair where LEAs can take the knowledge gained about the selection process, along with clarity of their local vision, and ask targeted questions to publishers about their products. LEAs will leave this event with a clear picture of what matters to their district for PreK selection and answers from vendors about how their products could meet local needs. 

Benefits: The Conference includes the following coaching and support for districts: 

  • Guidance on how to set-up a strong adoption process to explore available PreK products that culminates in a final adoption decision in alignment with local needs 
  • Best practices to build teacher and school leader buy-in on final adoption decision 
  • Guidance to define quality materials and resources, created by teachers, to review and evaluate materials based on quality 
  • Explore how the TPGs are addressed in different instructional materials 
  • Learn from other LEAs who have led successful selection processes in other subject areas by using available resources from TEA 
  • Direct access to publishers to ask questions about products based on detailed quality reviews provided by teachers 

Target Audience: The conference is designed to support district leaders responsible for adopting Pre-kindergarten instructional materials. In addition, adoption teams or committees within may districts comprised of school leaders and teachers may also participate together. 

Next Steps: 

  • Determine which staff members should attend. This conference will be structured so that work time can benefit either entire LEA teams or a single LEA staff member. 
  • Register for the conference here