P-EBT June Outreach Materials and Application Information

Date:   June 1, 2020  

P-EBT June Outreach Materials and Application Information


Action Needed

Next Steps: 

1) Share with appropriate staff; 2) Collaborate with district and campus personnel to communicate to families


The online application for the Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) is now open for eligible families. The Texas Education Agency (TEA), Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), and Texas Health and Human Services (HHS) request that districts and open-enrollment charter school share the attached communication materials with P-EBT eligible families during the month of June. Please review the “P-EBT Overview and Communications Toolkit” To the Administrator Addressed letter for additional information on the P-EBT program. 

Responsibilities for Districts and Open-Enrollment Charter Schools for June: 

  • Please share P-EBT June Letter to Families attached to this correspondence with eligible families via email and/or mail following the recommended timeline below. This letter includes a direct link to the P-EBT application, which will be active through June 30, 2020. A P-EBT call center can be reached at 833-613-6220 to assist families in completing their application. Call center information is included in the June Letter to Families. 
  • Updated versions of the Robocall and Robotext script are also attached to this correspondence to include P-EBT call center information. Please use these scripts if any outreach is conducted over the phone or via text message. 

June Outreach Materials 

Description of Resource 

Recommended Date Schools Send Resources to Eligible Families 

June Letter to Families 

Provides the application link to eligible families. Application link will be active the first week of June through June 30, 2020 

First week of June 

Robocall and Robotext Script 

Send robocall and/or robotext communication to eligible families 

Month of June 


 Do you have questions about P-EBT? 

For more information, please visit hhs.texas.gov/PEBT or call the P-EBT call center at 833-613-6220. Thank you for your support with the P-EBT program. We appreciate all the work you do to make sure Texas families have access to food during this difficult time. 


Additional outreach materials can be found under Child Nutrition Guidance on the TEA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support and Guidance website