Lone Star Governance Exemplar Cohort SY 2023–24

Date:  May 18, 2023
Subject: Lone Star Governance Exemplar Cohort SY 2023–24
Category: Governance
Next Steps:  Share with the board of trustees or governing board


The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is offering school boards $12,500 to engage in a rigorous, one-year program to institute board practices demonstrated to improve student outcomes. 

The research is clear: good governance relates to higher student performance. The LSG Exemplar Cohort is a one-year program designed to unleash the strategic impact of your board-superintendent team. By the end of your yearlong LSG experience, your governance team will have mastered how to connect the dots between vision, goals, and progress monitoring to improve student outcomes.  

All school district and charter school governance teams are eligible to participate. Resources and support available to boards chosen to participate in the cohort are described in the attachment below.  

TEA is here to help your governance team collaborate more effectively and with greater focus on systems and processes that reflect the values and realize the vision of your communities. Selected district and charter boards will be eligible for up to $12,500 to cover LSG cohort expenses, but only 10 spots are available.  

Don’t miss this opportunity. Submit your letter of interest (attachment below) by 6:00 p.m. CDT on September 1, 2023. 

Please visit http://tea.texas.gov/lsg for updates and additional information. If you have any questions, please contact Lone Star Governance staff at lsg@tea.texas.gov.  

Attachment — Lone Star Governance 2023–24 Exemplar Cohort Letter of Interest