IMRA Update and Reviewer Recruitment

Date:  February 15, 2024
Subject: Instructional Materials Review and Approval 
Category: Instructional Materials
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Instructional Materials Review and Approval (IMRA)

The new IMRA process replaces the former State Board of Education (SBOE) Proclamation and the Texas Resource Review (TRR) processes. IMRA was enacted under House Bill (HB) 1605 (88th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 2023) and brings new components to a single, SBOE-governed review of instructional materials. The first reviews conducted under the process this year will evaluate English and Spanish language arts and reading products for grades K–5 (including phonics products in grades K–3) and mathematics products for grades K–12. 
The SBOE approved IMRA quality rubrics for K–3 and 4–8 English language arts and reading, K–3 and 4–6 Spanish language arts and reading, and K–12 mathematics at the January-February 2024 meeting. The SBOE also approved the IMRA suitability rubric. These rubrics will be used to evaluate instructional materials submissions for this year’s inaugural IMRA review cycle. The SBOE also approved the process to be used to conduct IMRA reviews.

Following the review of instructional materials, the SBOE will vote in November 2024 to add materials to a list of approved instructional materials. Any instructional materials added to that list will be eligible for the new funding entitlements outlined in HB 1605. For school systems, this means access to an additional $540 million in instructional materials formula funding, on top of the funds already allocated via the Instructional Materials & Technology Allotment (IMTA).

IMRA Reviewers

The review of instructional materials under the SBOE’s newly approved IMRA process is thorough. The process will run from May to August of this year. Reviews are conducted by teams of individuals with relevant content expertise, with the goal that the majority of review team members be current Texas teachers. 

The agency is looking for highly qualified K–12 and higher education educators, parents, business and industry leaders, and subject matter experts from across Texas to serve on IMRA review teams. Each team will review and evaluate an assigned set of instructional materials and produce ratings and reports that will be used to support the SBOE’s approval decisions and local adoption decisions. 

We are now accepting applications for the upcoming IMRA review. Anyone with relevant content expertise for K–5 English or Spanish language arts and reading, K–3 English or Spanish phonics, or K–12 mathematics is encouraged to apply. This work includes a competitive stipend and reimbursement for any travel expenses.

IMRA Reviewer Eligibility and Qualifications

IMRA reviewer applicants must have at least three (3) years of experience teaching and/or directly supporting the content area they seek to review. Adjunct professors with at least three years of experience at accredited institutions of higher education in Texas and applicants with evidence of strong content knowledge and experience in the content area they seek to review must also meet eligibility requirements. A minimum of five (5) years of experience and a master’s degree in a relevant content area are preferable. Additionally, ideal candidates should possess the following*:

  • Deep pedagogical and content knowledge, experience with implementing instructional materials, and thorough understanding of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) for the applicable content area and grade band.
  • Commitment to ensuring Texas students, educators, and communities have access to high-quality instructional materials for their classrooms.
  • Desire for continuous learning and growth, including the ability to self-assess growth areas.
  • Capacity for team building in a fast-paced setting with new peers, with the goal of working to achieve a common objective.
  • Professional verbal and written communication that is focused on the work and inclusive of everyone involved.
  • Ability to present unbiased viewpoints and engage in evidence-based thinking and decision-making.
  • Ability to participate fully and collaboratively in both in-person and virtual work environments.

* Please note that applicants are not eligible to serve as IMRA reviewers if they have worked with or on behalf of a publisher to author K–12 instructional materials in the last three years (36 months). This applies to print, digital, and Open Education Resources (OER) materials.

IMRA Reviewer Benefits

  • Top-quality, collaborative, and rewarding professional development, for which reviewers are issued a continuing professional education (CPE) credit certificate.
  • Competitive compensation paid in stipend amounts as follows:
    • $750 stipend upon attending required training and completing all related tasks.
    • $3,250–$5,250 stipend upon successfully completing the review process for a set of instructional materials. * 
    • $1,000 additional stipend upon accepting and successfully fulfilling a Lead Reviewer role. 

*Note: Stipend amounts may vary by assigned content area and be adjusted for reviewers assigned to evaluate products with fewer than three grade levels.

IMRA Reviewer Commitment

Review teams are expected to complete the review from May 2024 to August 2024, with the majority of work taking place mid–May through mid–August. All selected reviewers must attend mandatory in-person and virtual training, conduct their work on a regular basis, and attend meetings throughout the summer of 2024. While the time commitment varies based on a number of factors, it is estimated that reviewers will spend an average of 40 hours weekly conducting reviews. Those selected as Lead Reviewers will have additional time commitments commensurate with the expectations of that role.        

TEA tentatively plans to kick off the IMRA review with face-to-face training and work sessions in Austin on May 17–20. For your planning purposes, please assume that this role will require travel to Austin May 17–20 and weekend and evening availability as needed throughout the summer. * (Note: TEA will cover lodging and reimburse travel and meal expenses for travel to and from Austin.)

IMRA reviewers must commit to fulfilling the following responsibilities in a virtual setting:

  • Attend 2–4 hours of team meetings weekly.
  • Allocate 30 hours each week for independent review of materials and contributions to team reports.
  • Respond to IMRA project management team requests to improve review processes and enhance product ratings and reports. 
  • Dedicate additional time to complete reviews, address publisher appeals, and revise ratings and reports as needed.

Lead reviewers must commit to fulfilling the following additional responsibilities:

  • Plan and facilitate weekly team meetings. 
  • Provide routine feedback to other reviewers.
  • Collaborate with IMRA project management staff to ensure team morale and adherence to IMRA review processes.

*Please note that all dates and timelines are subject to change based on TEA priorities and related initiatives.

How to Apply

TEA encourages applicants to complete the brief initial application today. 

Applications are currently being accepted on a rolling basis. As with any competitive role, more qualified candidates will apply than there are spaces available. Those interested are encouraged to apply immediately to increase their chances of being selected for this special opportunity.

After screening initial applications, candidates invited to continue in the selection process will complete a performance exercise related to the review of instructional materials. Those who satisfactorily complete the performance exercise will advance to a structured group interview. The last step in the selection process is TEA staff nomination of preferred applicants and State Board of Education member approval of top-qualified candidates. 

Please visit the HB 1605 and IMRA landing page or submit an Instructional Materials Help Desk ticket with any questions related to the IMRA Process.