Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Date:  January 4, 2024
Subject: Human Trafficking Prevention Month
Category: Information
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Share with appropriate ESC, district, and safety staff



The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is committed to supporting local educational agencies (LEAs) in their efforts to improve the safety and security of school facilities for staff, students, and visitors. This To the Administrator Addressed (TAA) provides information related to Human Trafficking Prevention Month and offers resources school systems may utilize regarding child abuse prevention and awareness.  

Human Trafficking Prevention Month

January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Educators play a critical role in identifying and reporting child abuse and neglect and all forms of maltreatment, including human trafficking. For Human Trafficking Prevention Month, TEA encourages LEAs to share information, resources, and to increase awareness within their schools and communities.  

  • January 11, 2024, is Human Trafficking Awareness Day and there are opportunities to wear blue, #WearBlueDay, and join with other community partners and organizations across the state – standing together to raise awareness throughout Texas. 

Human Trafficking Awareness Requirements for LEAs

Each school shall post warning signs at conspicuous places reasonably likely to be viewed by all persons entering the premises (TAC §61.1053(b)). See TEA’s Human Trafficking Prevention website for more information and signage that can be used for this purpose.  

Human Trafficking must be included in required child abuse prevention and awareness training and related activities provided by the LEA. See TEA’s Texas Gateway Prevention and Awareness: Human Trafficking of School-Aged Children training module for more information to increase awareness in Texas schools. 

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