Financial Hardship Transition Program

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August 24, 2017


Subject: Financial Hardship Transition Program

House Bill 21 (85th Legislature, 1st Called Session) established a Financial Hardship Transition Program under Texas Education Code 42.451 (“Hardship Grants”). The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is in process of determining eligibility and calculating the Hardship Grant amounts. All eligible districts under the legislation will receive a grant award. Therefore, districts do not need to apply to TEA to receive a grant. The Agency does not currently have a list of districts eligible for the grants. The TEA will release another TAA letter in early fall with more information. TEA currently anticipates being able to award grants by no later than December 2017. For questions related to these grants, please call Al McKenzie, Director of State Funding, at (512) 463-9186.



Leo Lopez
Associate Commissioner School Finance and
Chief School Finance Officer