FAST – Financial Aid for Swift Transfer Program

Date:  January 11, 2024
Subject: FAST – Financial Aid for Swift Transfer Program
Category: Dual Credit, Reporting Requirements, and Funding Implications
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The Texas Education Agency is releasing an informational webinar that addresses the Financial Aid for Swift Transfer (FAST) program. This program, created by House Bill (HB) 8, 88th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 2023, provides funding to participating public institutions of higher education so they can offer dual credit courses to educationally disadvantaged students at no cost to these students. View the FAST Program webinar or visit the FAST web page for detailed information. 

Student Eligibility 

Students are eligible for the FAST program if they: 

  1. are enrolled in an eligible dual credit course at a public school district or charter school (i.e., eligible for Foundation School Program funding); and 
  2. are taking a course offered through an institutional agreement, as outlined in 19 Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Section 4.84, from an institution of higher education (IHE) that has opted to participate in FAST; and 
  3. were students who met the criteria for educationally disadvantaged, as defined under Texas Education Code (TEC), Section 5.001(4), in any of the four school years prior to the academic year in which the student is enrolled in the eligible dual credit course. 

Institution of Higher Education (IHE) Participation 

FAST is an optional program available to public institutions of higher education, as defined under TEC, Section 61.003(8). Institutions must complete a program participation agreement (PPA) to either opt in or opt out of the FAST program. 

A current FAST Participation Listing for FY 2024 is available. Please note that institutions can opt in for the spring 2024 semester until March 15, 2024, at which point this list will be updated. 

For More Information 

Learn more about the FAST Program by viewing the FAST Program webinar. If you have any questions regarding FAST, please reach out to Leah Smalley at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board or access THECB’s inquiry system directly. If you have questions regarding College, Career, and Military Preparation, please contact