Extended Virtual Education Options through the Texas Virtual School Network

Date:  June 22, 2023
Subject: Extended Virtual Education Options through the Texas Virtual School Network
Category: Full-time online instruction
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On June 12, 2023, Governor Abbott charged the commissioner of education to waive specific requirements for school districts or open-enrollment charter schools to be able to continue offering virtual instruction options for students through the Texas Virtual School Network (TXVSN) for the 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 school years.  

TEA’s waiver authority will allow local education agencies (LEAs) that offered full-time virtual instruction or participated in the Virtual Accelerator in 2022-2023 to receive full funding for each student who successfully completes the school year as defined in 19 Texas Administration Code (TAC) §70.1001(2-3). LEA requirements include obtaining a dedicated CDCN for the full-time online school and gaining waiver approval. The process is outlined below: 

Activity Start Date
1. Obtain local board approval to participate in the TXVSN Prior to waiver submission
2. Complete the Notice of Intent and Informed Choice information Prior to waiver submission

3. Complete and submit the TXVSN waiver(s)

*Charter schools may need to apply for a charter waiver and amendment concurrently 

July 5, 2023, through 30 days prior to school start 
4. Apply for and obtain a CDCN  After waiver is determined 

The following supports are available for LEA personnel that supported full-time online programs or participated in the Virtual Accelerator in 2022-2023: 

  • Extending Virtual Options: TEA hosted a webinar to provide further information about participation in the TXVSN as a full-time online school and details about the waiver application process. Information shared can be found here.  
  • TXVSN webpage: TEA will provide additional supports, including frequently asked questions from LEAs, on the TEA’s Texas Virtual School Network – Online Schools Program webpage. Resources will be added as developed. 
  • For questions about the TXVSN full-time, online school program or the TXVSN waivers, please submit a TXVSN Help Desk ticket.  
  • For questions about charter amendments and waivers, please email charteramendments@tea.texas.gov.