Expedited COVID Federal Grant Fiscal Waiver Request to USDE


April 10, 2020


Expedited COVID Federal Grant Fiscal Waiver Request to USDE



Next Steps: 

Share with district leadership and submit applicable comments by April 24, 2020


 In order to assist LEAs affected by COVID-19 preparedness and mitigation activities TEA on April 9, 2020, submitted to USDE a request of all the attached expedited waivers, on behalf of Texas and its LEAs. TEA also submitted a separate more extensive waiver request as previously disseminated to LEAs. 

The state believes that the federal grant fiscal waivers offered by USDE will provide LEAs with greater flexibility to effectively implement those federal education grants to serve the intended beneficiaries. In applying for the waivers, TEA has assured USDE of the following. 

  1. TEA will use, and ensure that its subgrantees use, funds under the respective programs in accordance with the provisions of all applicable statutes, regulations, program plans, and applications not subject to these waivers. 
  2. TEA will work to mitigate, and ensure that its subgrantees work to mitigate, any negative effects, if any, that may occur as a result of the requested waivers. 
  3. TEA will provide the public and all LEAs in the State with notice of, and the opportunity to comment on, this request by posting information regarding the waiver request and the process for commenting on the State website. 

Please review the attached information and submit any comments on these proposed waivers electronically to GrantSupport@tea.texas.gov by 5pm April 24, 2020. 

If you have questions regarding these waivers, please contact me via electronic mail at cory.green@tea.texas.gov


Cory Green, Associate Commissioner 
Department of Grant Compliance and Administration