CPE Exemption Request

Date:  June 30, 2022
Subject: CPE Exemption Request
Category: LEAs - Human Resources Staffing Department
Next Steps:  Review and apply for CPE exemption request


Continuing Professional Education Hardship Exemption Request

 Per 19 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §232.7(b)(4), which became effective May 2022, a hardship exemption may be requested by a local educational agency (LEA) on behalf of an educator who has an invalid certificate due to the educator’s lack of earning the required continuing professional education (CPE) hours as prescribed in 19 TAC §232.11. The hardship exemption is valid for the academic year of the application and may be renewed for up to one additional academic year, provided that the superintendent or designee of the LEA requests the extension.  

To submit a request for a hardship exemption, the LEA must complete and sign the Hardship Exemption Form located on the CPE website and include information and a signature from the applicable teacher. The form must be submitted in the CPE Exemption Request Help Desk tile. Once the completed request is received from the LEA, the Texas Education Agency will review and notify the LEA of the outcome within ten business days.

For additional information and frequently asked questions, please visit the CPE website.