Additional Days School Year Intent to Participate for 2020-2021

Date:  September 17, 2020
Subject: Additional Days School Year Intent to Participate for 2020-2021
Category: Additional Days School Year
Next Steps:  All LEAs (Superintendent or District Administration) Complete Survey by September 30th, 2020


TEA is collecting information about which LEAs are intending to benefit from Additional Days School Year (ADSY) funding in the 2020-2021 school year to better estimate the financial impact to the state. All LEAs, regardless of intent to benefit from ADSY funding, should complete the survey linked below.

Background Information: 

House Bill 3 added half-day formula funding for school systems that add instructional days to any of their elementary schools starting in the 2020-2021 school year. Funding for an ADSY is available for those days beyond a minimum of 180, up to 210 total, specifically for grades prekindergarten-5. 

TEA has identified three potential options for ADSY implementation. The survey will request LEAs utilizing ADSY in 2020-2021 to identify which option most closely aligns with their intended implementation. These options are outlined below. 

Option 1 - Voluntary Summer Learning 

Campuses hold a traditional 180 day calendar and have up to 30 days for something additional for a targeted subset of students, such as summer enrichment. 

Option 2 - Intersessional Calendar 

Campuses conduct a regular calendar of 180 days spaced out over the full year, with intermittent breaks for targeted remediation with a subset of students. 

Option 3 - Full Year Redesign 

Campuses conduct a revamped 210 day calendar and change daily schedules to decrease instruction time so it can be spread out over additional days and increase time for planning and student brain breaks. 

For more information on ADSY, please visit the ADSY webpage or reach out to