19 TAC Chapter 97

Planning and Accountability

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Subchapter AA. Accountability and Performance Monitoring

§97.1001. Accountability Rating System.
§97.1003. Local Accountability System.
§97.1006. Alternative Methods and Standards for Evaluating Performance for 2020-2021 School Year.

Subchapter BB. Memoranda of Understanding

§97.1011. Memorandum of Understanding between the Texas Education Agency and the Texas School for the Deaf.
§97.1012. Memorandum of Understanding between the Texas Education Agency and the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Subchapter EE. Accreditation Status, Standards, and Sanctions

Division 1. Status, Standards, and Sanctions

§97.1051. Definitions.
§97.1053. Purpose.
§97.1055. Accreditation Status.
§97.1057. Interventions and Sanctions; Lowered Rating or Accreditation Status.
§97.1059. Standards for All Accreditation Sanction Determinations.
§97.1061. Interventions and Sanctions for Campuses.
§97.1062. Applicability of Intervention Pause under District Partnerships or Mathematics Innovation Zones.
§97.1063. Campus Intervention Team.
§97.1064. Campus Turnaround Plan.
§97.1065. Commissioner Determinations for Decisions Preceding Alternative Management, Campus Closure, or Board of Managers.
§97.1066. Campus Repurposing and Closure.
§97.1067. Alternative Management of Campuses.
§97.1069. Providers of Alternative Campus Management.
§97.1070. Increasing Intensity of Interventions and Sanctions.
§97.1071. Special Program Performance; Monitoring, Review, and Supports.
§97.1072. Residential Facility Monitoring; Determinations, Investigations, and Sanctions.
§97.1073. Appointment of Monitor, Conservator, or Board of Managers. 

Division 2. Contracting to Partner to Operate a District Campus

§97.1075. Contracting to Partner to Operate a Campus under Texas Education Code, §11.174.
§97.1077. School Year Under Contract to Operate a District Campus.
§97.1079. Determination Processes and Criteria for Eligible Entity Approval under Texas Education Code, §11.174.

Subchapter FF. Commissioner's Rules Concerning the Job Corps Diploma Program

§97.2001. Job Corps Diploma Program Accountability Procedures.


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