19 TAC Chapter 61

School Districts

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Subchapter A. Board of Trustees Relationship

  • §61.1. Continuing Education for School Board Members.
  • §61.2. Nomination of Trustees for Military Reservation School Districts and Boys Ranch Independent School District.
  • §61.3. School Safety Training for School Board Members.

Subchapter B. Special Purpose School Districts

  • §61.101. Applicability of State Law for Special Purpose School Districts.
  • §61.111. Applicability of State Law to Boys Ranch Independent School District.


Subchapter AA. Commissioner's Rules on School Finance

  • §61.1000. Maximum Compressed Tax Rate Calculation and Data Collection.
  • §61.1001. Prior Year Maximum Compressed Tax Rate.
  • §61.1002. Maximum Compressed Tax Rate Limitations.
  • §61.1003. Career and Technology Education Allotment for P-TECH and New Tech Network Campuses.
  • §61.1004. Special Education Funding for Open-Enrollment Charter Schools.
  • §61.1005. Additional State Aid for Staff Salary Increases at Regional Education Service Centers.
  • §61.1006. Foundation School Program Funding for Reimbursement of Disaster Remediation Costs.
  • §61.1007. Rules for the Definition of Tax Levy and Tax Collection.
  • §61.1008. School Safety Allotment.
  • §61.1009. Fast Growth Allotment.
  • §61.1010. Additional State Aid for School Districts that Contract to Partner to Operate a District Campus.
  • §61.1011. Formula Transition Grant.
  • §61.1012. Contracts and Tuition for Education Outside District.
  • §61.1013. Foundation School Program Funding for Reimbursement of Disaster Remediation Costs.
  • §61.1014. Credit Against Recapture for Reimbursement of Disaster Remediation Costs.
  • §61.1015. Property Value Adjustments Due to Taxpayer Protests.
  • §61.1016. Hazardous Transportation Funding.
  • §61.1017. Maintenance of Effort and Equity for Federal Money Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • §61.1018. Payment of Health Care Supplementation.
  • §61.1019. Additional State Aid for Ad Valorem Tax Credits under the Texas Economic Development Act.
  • §61.1020. Excess Funds for Video Surveillance of Special Education Settings.

Subchapter BB. Commissioner's Rules on Reporting Requirements

  • §61.1021. School Report Cards.
  • §61.1022. Texas Academic Performance Report.
  • §61.1025. Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) Data and Reporting Standards.
  • §61.1026. Statutorily Required Reporting through the Public Education Information Management System.
  • §61.1027. Report on the Number of Educationally Disadvantaged Students for Calculating the Compensatory Education Allotment.
  • §61.1028. Reporting of Bus Accidents.

Subchapter CC. Commissioner's Rules Concerning School Facilities

  • §61.1031. School Safety Requirements
  • §61.1032. Instructional Facilities Allotment.
  • §61.1034. New Instructional Facility Allotment.
  • §61.1035. Assistance with Payment of Existing Debt.
  • §61.1036. School Facilities Standards for Construction before November 1, 2021.
  • §61.1037. Science Laboratory Grant Program.
  • §61.1038. School District Bond Enhancement Program.
  • §61.1039. Open-Enrollment Charter School Bond Enhancement Program.
  • §61.1040. School Facilities Standards for Construction on or after November 1, 2021.

Subchapter DD. Commissioner's Rules Concerning Missing Child Prevention and Identification Programs

  • §61.1041. Missing Child Prevention and Identification Program: Fingerprints and Photographs.

Subchapter EE. Commissioner's Rules on Prevention, Awareness, and Reporting of Child Abuse or Neglect, Including Trafficking of a Child

  • §61.1051. Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect, Including Trafficking of a Child.
  • §61.1053. Required Signage Pertaining to Criminal Offenses of Human Trafficking. 

Subchapter FF. Commissioner's Rules Concerning Veterans and Military Dependents

Division 1. High School Diplomas for Military Veterans

  • §61.1061. Application Form for Diploma and Evidence of Eligibility.

Division 2. Military-Connected Students

  • §61.1063. Purple Star Campus Designation.

Subchapter GG. Commissioner's Rules Concerning Counseling Public School Students

  • §61.1071. Counseling Public School Students Regarding Higher Education.
  • §61.1073. Annual Assessment of School District Compliance.

Subchapter HH. Commissioner's Rules Concerning Classroom Supply Reimbursement Program

  • §61.1081. Teacher Supply Reimbursement Grant Program.

Subchapter JJ. Commissioner's Rules Concerning Automatic College Admission

  • §61.1201. Notification of Automatic College Admission and Curriculum Requirements for Financial Aid.

Subchapter KK. Commissioner's Rules on County Boards of Education

  • §61.1301. Delinquent Taxes of County Boards of Education.


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