19 TAC Chapter 153

School District Personnel

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Subchapter AA. Commissioner's Rules Concerning School District Personnel Duties and Benefits

§153.1001. Duty-Free Lunch.

Subchapter BB. Commissioner's Rules Concerning Professional Development

§153.1011. Mentor Program Allotment.
§153.1013. Suicide Prevention Training.

Subchapter CC. Commissioner's Rules on Creditable Years of Service

§153.1021. Recognition of Creditable Years of Service.
§153.1022. Minimum Salary Schedule for Certain Professional Staff.

Subchapter DD. Criminal History Record Information Review

§153.1101. Definitions.
§153.1103. Purpose; Required Assistance.
§153.1105. Criminal History Record Information Review of Persons for Whom a National Criminal History Record Information Review is Not Required.
§153.1107. Failure to Disclose Criminal Convictions.
§153.1109. Noncertified Employees.
§153.1111. Substitute Teachers.
§153.1113. Charter School Educators.
§153.1115. Appeal of the TEA Determination.

Subchapter EE. Commissioner's Rules Concerning Registry of Persons Not Eligible for Employment in Public Schools

§153.1201. Definitions.
§153.1203. Required Reporting by Administrators.
§153.1205. Persons Under Investigation.
§153.1207. Request for Hearing.
§153.1209. Jurisdiction.
§153.1211. Powers and Duties of Administrative Law Judge.
§153.1213. Recusal and Disqualification of Administrative Law Judge.
§153.1215. Substitution of Administrative Law Judge.
§153.1217. Classification of Parties; Current Addresses.
§153.1219. Representation of Parties.
§153.1221. Filing or Serving Documents on the Texas Education Agency Staff or the Administrative Law Judge.
§153.1223. Pleadings.
§153.1225. Stipulations.
§153.1227. Discovery.
§153.1229. Notice of Hearing.
§153.1231. Venue.
§153.1233. Conduct and Record of Hearings.
§153.1235. Use of Deposition Transcripts in Contested Case Hearings.
§153.1237. Consolidated Proceedings.
§153.1239. Disposition Prior to Hearing; Default.
§153.1241. Proposal for Decision.
§153.1243. Exceptions and Replies.
§153.1245. Review of Proposal by Commissioner of Education.
§153.1247. Final Decisions and Orders.
§153.1249. Motion for Rehearing; Administrative Finality; Appeals.
§153.1251. Notice of Placement on Registry.


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