Proposed State Board of Education Rules

All proposed new rules, proposed amendments to existing rules, and proposed repeals approved for first reading by the State Board of Education (SBOE) and filed with the Texas Register are available here. The rule text on this page reflects what was approved for first reading by the SBOE. Rule actions will remain on this page until approved for second reading by the SBOE and filed as adopted with the Texas Register. The SBOE agenda provides detailed information on these proposed rules.

During the proposed rule's public comment period, you may submit public comments electronically using the public comment form. See proposals below for their comment periods.

If you have questions about the public comment process for proposed rulemaking, please view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or contact the TEA Rulemaking Unit at (512) 475-1497 or by email at

The following links present the preamble filed with the Texas Register in PDF format. The preamble includes information describing the proposed rule action as well as the rule text. The PDF contains a bookmark that will allow you to navigate directly to the beginning of the rule text using the bookmarks feature of your PDF reader.

If you do not have a PDF reader, you may download the Adobe Acrobat Reader for free from the Adobe website.

The SBOE agenda provides detailed information on these proposed rules.

Proposed Rules with Open Public Comment Periods

Currently, there are no proposed SBOE rules with open comment periods.

Proposed Rules with Closed Public Comment Periods

Proposed Amendment to 19 TAC Chapter 100, Charters, Subchapter A, Open-Enrollment Charter Schools, §100.1, Selection Process
Summary: The proposed amendment would modify the no-contact period for open-enrollment charter applicants or any person or entity acting on their behalf.
First Reading and Filing Authorization: June 2023 SBOE meeting
Public Comment Period: July 21, 2023-5:00 p.m. on August 25, 2023
Proposed Effective Date: August 26, 2024


Contact Information

For questions about the process of proposing, adopting, or publishing Texas Administrative Code rules; reviewing existing rules; or petitioning for rule changes, email the Rulemaking Division at