19 TAC Chapter 232

General Certification Provisions

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Subchapter A. Certificate Renewal and Continuing Professional Education Requirements

§232.1. General Provisions
§232.5. Renewal Date for Certificates
§232.7. Requirements for Certificate Renewal
§232.9. Inactive Status and Late Renewal
§232.11. Number and Content of Required Continuing Professional Education Hours
§232.15. Types of Acceptable Continuing Professional Education Activities
§232.16. Verification of Renewal Requirements
§232.17. Pre-Approved Continuing Professional Education Provider or Sponsor
§232.19. Approval of Private Companies, Private Entities, and Individuals as Continuing Professional Education Providers
§232.21. Provider Requirements

Subchapter B. National Criminal History Record Information Review of Active Certificate Holders

§232.31. Purpose
§232.33. Required Assistance
§232.35. Submission of Required Information
§232.37. Inactive Status
§232.39. State Board for Educator Certification Review of National Criminal History Information