HB 906 Mental Health Task Force


The 86th Texas Legislature charged TEA in HB 906 to develop a Mental Health Task Force to study and evaluate mental health services that are funded by the state and provided at a school district or open-enrollment charter school directly to a student, parent or family member or employee.  The Task Force is also directed to study training provided to an educator and the impact of the mental health training and services.  The Task Force will be supported by an institution of higher education to collect and analyze data. The Task Force will produce a report and make recommendations for the Texas Legislature. TEA is responsible to appoint the membership of the Task Force and support the work and goals of the Task Force, as outlined in the legislation and as may be identified by the Task Force.

Task Force Members

Faith Colson Tammi Mackenem
Lisa Descant  Elizabeth Newlin
Francine Duane Stephanie Peterson
Jodi Duron Jennifer Roberts
Rebecca Fowler Linda Rodriguez
Tammy Gendke Monica Rodriguez
Bena Glasscock Josette Saxton
Barbara Granger Christina Shaw
Annalee Gulley Steven Shiels
Greg Hansch Tracy Spinner
Shannon Hoffman Eric Storch
Jenipher Janek  Leslie Taylor
Molly Lopez Pam Wells

Lead Institution of Higher Education to Support the Task Force

University of Texas At Austin, Institute for Excellence in Mental Health
Molly Lopez, PhD, Director and Research Associate Professor

As per HB 906, the Task Force will determine if two additional Institutions are necessary to support the duties of the Task force.  As determined necessary, these additional Institutions will be appointed.

Meeting Dates

February 11, 2020 Embassy Suites North 1-35, 8:30 AM-4:00 PM
May 5, 2020 Virtual Meeting via technology
September 1, 2020 Virtual Meeting via technology


Legislative Report November 2020

Contact Information

Julie Wayman

Jocelyn Franke
Texas Comprehensive Center