Civil Action 5281

U.S. v. Texas:  Cause No. 6:71-CV-5281, US District Court, Eastern District of Texas, Tyler Division

Texas has been subject to a federal court statewide desegregation order since 1971.  Over the past several years, several interventions have resulted in trials before the court relating to student transfers under the order and the provision of services to limited English proficient students.  Pursuant to an order of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in March of 2010, all Texas school districts except the original nine defendant districts have been released from the Court’s order.  On October 31, 2012, the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the United States Department of Justice jointly moved to dismiss the part of the case involving the 1971 order eliminating a dual school system, which was granted by the Court.  Texas school districts are no longer subject to the order.  The state has moved to dismiss the remaining intervention in the case involving bilingual education and is awaiting the Court’s ruling.

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