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The following information is intended to provide general information for school district personnel, as well as information for parents, teachers, and the public regarding issues concerning public school education in Texas.

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Hiring Information for School District Personnel School district personnel are responsible for ensuring that individuals serving in positions requiring educator certification hold the appropriate Texas credential. The questions and answers on this page address new and current certification processes and the most common hiring inquiries.
Coordinated School Health Requirements and Approved Programs The components listed on this webpage encompass a school's instruction, services, and physical and social environments. Because individuals, institutions, needs, and resources differ from community to community, no two approaches are expected to look exactly alike.  Each new setting brings together a unique group of people and agencies to determine the specific needs facing young people in their schools.
Financial Accountability The Texas Education Agency's Financial Accountability Division oversees public school financial accountability.
School Boards Texas school districts are overseen by school boards. The boards of ISDs are elected by the citizens of their communities, while the boards of charter schools are appointed.
Teacher FAQ This webpage answers questions pertaining to issues regarding teachers and the public school system.
School District FAQ This page answers questions about school district issues, dress code, immunizations, absentee policy, drug searches, and more. A number of the answers refer to specific sections of the Texas Education Code, which is the collection of state laws governing public schools and their employees.
School Board FAQ This section answers questions as they pertain to a local school board, board meetings, and board minutes among other issues.
Accreditation Status TEA accredits public schools in Texas at the district level for grades K-12.


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HB 3 Reading Academies House Bill 3 was updated and per House Bill 1613, which was passed by the 87th Texas Legislature in June 2021, it now states that all kindergarten through third grade teachers and principals must attend a "teacher literacy achievement academy" by the end of the 2023 - 2024 school year.
High-Quality Prekindergarten This page and those linked below will provide you robust information to support your implementation of high-quality prekindergarten practices and with your alignment with statutory requirements.
Salary and Service Records Information for determining salary is found in the Commissioner's Rules. School districts can also find information about service records, personnel issues, and accreditation.
Appraisal Laws and Rules The Texas Education Code and the Texas Administrative Code provide the educator appraisal framework within which districts may exercise discretion and creativity.
Grow Your Own Grant Program The programs aim to elevate the teaching profession in Texas by developing high-quality Education and Training courses at the high school level and by creating teacher pipelines to increase the pool and diversity of Texas’ future classroom leaders.