LSG Leaderboard

The LSG Leaderboard lists districts that:

  • Earned a valid LSG Certificate by completing the LSG workshop during the previous 24 months; and
  • Self-evaluated using the LSG instrument during each of the previous three quarters (It is strongly recommended that Boards work with a LSG Coach to ensure accuracy); and
  • Met the LSG continuous improvement timeline during each of the previous three quarters (Page 51 of the LSG Manual).
Rank School
Three Quarters Ago Total Two Quarters Ago Total Most Recent Quarter Total Bonus
Points *
Total **
 1 Sierra Blanca  32  46  65  3  68
2 Midland 0 53 62 3 65
 3  Tyler    18.5  41  58.5  3    61.5  

* Consecutive Quarters Maintaining LSG's Continuous Improvement Timeline
** Most Recent Quarter Total + Bonus Points

Joining The LSG Leaderboard

Since most boards self-evaluate using the LSG instrument during January, April, July, and October, the leaderboard is updated during the months of February, May, August and November. Please see the "Continuous Improvement Timeline" and "Evaluation Notes" sections of the LSG instrument (page 51) for more information on how districts can earn a spot on the Leaderboard.

If a board with a current LSG Certificate wants to be considered for the Leaderboard, it may send a current Board Quarterly Progress Tracker (page 50) to by the last day of January, April, July, or October. The submission should include any evidence that is to be considered. Trackers and evidence received after these deadlines will be considered for the next quarter, not the current quarter. Quarters where trackers and supporting evidence are not provided break the consecutive chain and resets Bonus Points to zero. Given the Leaderboard requirements, it is not possible to be on the Leaderboard without at least three Bonus Points..

TEA representatives or certified LSG Coaches will review each submission and its evidence. If their scoring matches the board's scoring for at least the previous three quarters and the scores honor the LSG continuous improvement timeline, that board will be added to the LSG Leaderboard. If the submission does not match, the board may request a copy of the review and an additional reviewer but may not submit additional evidence. If a second review is granted, the results of the second review are final. Non-matching submission scores break the consecutive chain regarding Bonus Points.