Consumer Information about Educator Preparation Programs

Approved educator preparation programs (EPPs) annually provide the Texas Education Agency and State Board for Educator Certification information about their programs as mandated in Texas Education Code Section 21.0452. This information is posted below to assist individuals interested in obtaining a teaching certificate to select the educator preparation program that best meets their needs. This information is also useful for school districts planning their staffing and recruitment activities.  

Additional information on approved educator preparation programs including locations and types of certificate programs offered can be found on the Division of Educator Standards' list of approved programs and the individual program websites.

Accountability System for Educator Preparation Annual Reports

Annual educator preparation program reports are brief, 3-page documents that provide a comprehensive view of each Texas educator preparation program, including accreditation and consumer information data, in accordance with Texas Education Code 21.0452.

2016-2017 Manual

2014-2015/2015-2016 Manual

2016-2017 Reports

2015-2016 Reports

2014-2015 Reports

EPP Accreditation Ratings by Year

Accreditation ratings for EPPs are linked below:

2016-2017 Accreditation Ratings

2015-2016 Accreditation Ratings

2014-2015 Accreditation Ratings

2013-2014 Accreditation Ratings

2012-2013 Accreditation Ratings

2011-2012 Accreditation Ratings

2011-2012 Accreditation Ratings

2010-2011 Accreditation Ratings                                                 

Compliance Reports for Educator Preparation Programs

Compliance reports for educator preparation assure that each Educator Preparation program (EPP) is held accountable for compliance with the Texas Administrative Code Chapter 229 for certification of candidates completing the programs.

Results of the Certification Examinations

Program certification passed tests results for various EPPs are linked below:

ASEP Reports Menu
Initial Pass Rates Menu

Results of Principal Survey

Reports with the results of the survey by EPP are linked below:

2017-2018 Principal Survey Results - Reports 
2017-2018 Principal Survey Results - Accessible reports 

2016-2017 Principal Survey Results - Reports 
2016-2017 Principal Survey Results - Accessible reports 

Higher Education Act Information

Federally mandated Title II state reports are available below:

 Title II State Reports