Applicants and school districts can submit Fingerprinting questions through the online Help Desk. The Help Desk can be accessed through

TEA FP Process for School Districts and Charter Schools (v 1.1)

Effective April 2017, TEA no longer requires that entities use multiple files when uploading employee information for fingerprinting. This change simplifies the upload process for school districts and charter schools. The updates to the system also include the use of a "pre-enrollment status" and the assignment of Unique Enrollment IDs (UEIDs). These features will allow employees and certificate applicants to schedule fingerprinting appointments in less time. Finally, the updates eliminate the use of paper fastpasses, and replace the TEA fingerprinting emails with ECOS screens that contain all information needed for fingerprinting.  


The primary function of the Division of Fingerprinting is to facilitate the process by which educators and non-educators submit their fingerprints. This information is required for the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) and Texas Education Agency (TEA) in order to comply with statutory criminal history requirements as specified in Texas Education Code (TEC), Chapter 22, Subchapter C.


The 2007 Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 9 requiring fingerprint-based criminal background reviews for certain school employees in Texas Public schools.  Senate Bill 9 is codified in Texas Education Code (TEC), Chapter 22, Subchapter C.