Certification Announcements and Updates

These announcements include information about educator certification and testing.

New Educational Aide Certificate Announcement

As of January 1, 2018, Educational Aide certificates cannot be renewed. An individual who holds a Standard 5-year Educational Aide certificate will no longer be able to renew and must reapply for the new 2-year, non-renewable Educational Aide certificate.

Individuals who submitted an application prior to January 1, 2018 but were not recommended, must submit a new application and $17 fee for a 2-year Educational Aide certificate.

To be issued, the district must recommend the individual each time a 2-year non-renewable Educational Aide certificate is needed for an assignment.

Refund requests for applications that were not processed for a 5-year Educational Aide certificate can be submitted to the help desk.

New Certificates for Educator Preparation Program Candidates

Effective September 1, 2017, the State Board for Educator Certification approved a new Intern certificate and changes to the Probationary certificate for candidates completing Educator Preparation Programs (EPP).

Intern Certificate

The Intern certificate is valid for one year and cannot be renewed. The candidate must pass the appropriate content test for the certificate area they wish to teach. The EPP determines the candidate's eligibility for the Intern certificate.

Probationary Certificate

Effective September 1, 2017, the Probationary certificate is valid for one year and may only be renewed one additional time. The candidate must pass the appropriate content test for the subject they will teach and also pass the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities test. The EPP determines the candidate's eligibility for the Probationary certificate.

Upcoming Test and Certification Deadlines

If you have already established your standard certificate in any of the following areas, this does not apply to you and you do not need to take any further action.  Not sure if you've added it to your certification record? Log into your TEAL account and access your Educator record to confirm.

Certification by Examination Instructions for Teachers Who Hold a Standard Certificate

There are 4 certification examinations, indicated below, that will be eliminated as of 9/1/2018. If you already hold one of these certificate areas, your existing certifications are not affected. If you have passed tests for any of these certificates and have not applied to add it to your existing Standard or Lifetime certification record, you must:

  1. Login to your existing TEAL account or complete the educator online account setup  
  2. Click on the word Educator and from the blue and white main menu
  3. Click on Applications
  4. Click Additional Certification by Examination; apply and pay the $78

If you do not apply by the October 30, 2018 deadline the new test will be required. 

Educators Who Have Not Established Their Standard Certificate

Educator candidates completing an Educator Preparation Program (EPP) must complete all requirements by August 31, 2018, apply, and be recommended by their EPP no later than October 30, 2018. If you have questions about these deadlines you must contact your EPP for information. If you do not qualify by the deadlines, at a minimum, the new test will be required.

The Required Certification Tests chart provides information about tests required to obtain specific certificates, including deadlines.

Certificates Being Eliminated

  • Computer Science: Grades 8-12 (TExES 141)
  • Technology Applications: Early Childhood-Grade 12 (TExES 142)
  • Technology Applications: Grades 8-12 (TExES 139)
  • Dance: 8-12 (TExES 179)

English Language Proficiency Requirements

Effective October 22, 2017, English language proficiency requirements have been amended, including new score requirements for the Test of English as a Foreign Language - Internet Based Test (TOEFL-iBT) [TAC §230.11(b)(5)(A-C)].

Minimum Salary Schedule

The 2017-2018 minimum salary schedule is now available.