Title I, Part A - School Improvement

Title I, Part A, Section 1116 School Improvement Program provides supplemental funds to Title I campuses identified for school improvement by failing to make adequate yearly progress (AYP) for two or more consecutive years. Campuses use funds to implement their revised campus improvement plan, which incorporates strategies based on scientifically based research, in ways that have the greatest likelihood of improving the performance of participating children in meeting the state's student performance standards. A student attending a Title I low-performing school must be provided the option to transfer to another public school within the LEA unless the LEA lacks the capacity to do so.

Campus Program List District Program List
2012-2013 Campus Program 2012-2013 District Program
2011-2012 Campus Program 2011-2012 District Program
2010-2011 Campus Program 2010-2011 District Program
2009-2010 Campus Program 2009-2010 District Program
2008-2009 Campus Program 2008-2009 District Program
2007-2008 Campus Program 2007-2008 District Program
2006-2007 Campus Program 2006-2007 District Program
2005-2006 Campus Program 2005-2006 District Program
2004-2005 List of School in Improvement



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