Data Validation Monitoring Overview

Performance-Based Monitoring (PBM) staff designs a comprehensive PBM system to improve student performance and program effectiveness.  The PBM system is a data-driven system reliant on data submitted by districts.  Confirming the accuracy of data is a critical part of the process necessary to validate and safeguard the integrity of the overall PBM system.  The PBM system includes annual data validation analyses that examine districts' leaver and dropout records, discipline data, and student assessment data.  Additional data analyses, including random audits, are conducted as necessary to ensure the data submitted to the Texas Education Agency are accurate and reliable.

School Improvement (SI) staff reviews PBM data and works with districts identified for potential data inaccuracies, data anomalies, or data irregularities.  On-site reviews may be conducted to validate implementation of the PBM system and the accuracy of data used in analysis.  If noncompliance, student performance, or program effectiveness concerns are identified, school districts are required to take actions to address these concerns.  If inaccurate data reporting is determined, a school district may be subject to additional sanctions and interventions.


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