Finance and Grants

  • FinanceandGrants

  • The Texas Education Agency administers billions of dollars in both state and federal funds that support a variety of programs to benefit public education. Funds come from multiple sources, including state and federal coffers, federal grants, the Permanent School Fund endowment, and others.

    Financial Accountability and Compliance

    Because Texans trusts public school officials to spend money wisely and efficiently, the state's financial accountability systems for public school districts and charters provides a report that annually examines school funding and compliance issues to confirm that spending has been appropriate.  Districts and charters must also have an outside auditor examine their financial records each year to make sure they are in compliance with all rules and regulations.

    State Funding and Grants Administration

    The Texas public school system, made up about 1,200 school districts and charters and more than 8,000 schools, spends about a $1 billion a week educating more than 5 million students. The state funding flows to districts through formulas or through grants.

     Texas Permanent School Fund

    Texas is fortunate to be the home of the largest educational endowment in the country, the Texas Permanent School Fund.  The endowment provides funding for textbooks and the daily operations of our public schools.  The PSF through its bond guarantee program also backs school bonds, which allows districts and charter schools to reduce their costs associated with long-term capital improvement projects.