Texas Virtual School Network - Online Schools Program

The Texas Virtual School Network Online Schools (TxVSN OLS) program provides full-time online instruction to eligible Texas public school students in grades 3-12 through enrollment in one of the TEA-accredited public school districts and open-enrollment charter schools approved to participate in the program. These free online public schools offer 100 percent virtual instructional programs to students across the state who are not physically present on campus. Students who enroll in a TxVSN online school are public school students.

Courses comprising the TxVSN OLS program are reviewed to ensure they meet the state curriculum standards, known as the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), and national standards for quality online courses. Courses are aligned with accessibility standards. Teachers are required to be Texas-certified in the content area and at the grade level they are teaching and must be trained in best practices to deliver online instruction.

Authorized by Texas Education Code (TEC) Chapter 30A, the TxVSN OLS program is administered by TEA under the leadership of the commissioner of education. The TxVSN OLS program currently has six TEA-accredited schools that provide full-time online instruction to public school students throughout Texas.

The following are the TxVSN online schools for 2015-2016:
(Please note: A TxVSN online school may plan to add additional grade levels beginning in 2016-2017.)

Hallsville Virtual High School (outside source)
Hallsville ISD
County/District/Campus Number: 102-904-010
Established in 2014-2015
Serves grades 9-10
2014-2015 student enrollment: ˂5
Toni Erickson: terickson@hisd.com, 903-668-5990 ext. 5713

iUniversity Prep (outside source) 
Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District 
County/District/Campus Number: 220-906-007
Established in 2013-2014 
Serves grades 4-12
2014-2015 student enrollment: 246
Kaye Rogers: kaye.rogers@gcisd.net, 817-305-4898

Responsive Education Virtual Learning (previously known as Texas Virtual Academy) (outside source)
Texas College Preparatory Academies/Responsive Education Solutions
County/District/Campus Number: 221-801-022
Established in 2008-2009
Serves grades 3-8
2014-2015 student enrollment (grades 3-12): 6,477
Micheal Wood: mwood@responsiveed.com, 972-316-3663 ext. 349

Texas Connections Academy at Houston (outside source) 
Houston Independent School District
County/District/Campus Number: 101-912-100
Established in 2008-2009
Serves grades 3-12
2014-2015 student enrollment: 4,444
Willie C. Spencer: wspence1@houstonisd.org, 713-556-6931

Texas Online Preparatory School (outside source)
Huntsville Independent School District 
County/District/Campus Numbers: 236-902-108, 236-902-048, 236-902-008 
Established in 2013-2014 
Serves grades 3-12
2014-2015 student enrollment: 407
Debbie Homann: dhomann@huntsville-isd.org, 936-435-6327

Texas Virtual Academy (outside source)
Premier High Schools/Responsive Education Solutions
County/District/Campus Number: 072-801-145
Established in 2015-2016 
Serves grades 9-12
Micheal Wood: mwood@responsiveed.com, 972-316-3663 ext. 349

TxVSN OLS Students 

Students in grades 3-12 who reside anywhere in the state, who are eligible to attend public school in Texas, and who meet the other eligibility requirements of the TxVSN OLS program may enroll in the full-time virtual instructional program. They will participate in rigorous, interactive online courses that emphasize extensive communication between the Texas-certified teacher and student and among students.

The full-time virtual TxVSN OLS program is available to students who meet eligibility requirements defined in TEC, §30A.002. A student is eligible only if the student meets requirements for enrollment in the Texas public education system and 

  • was enrolled in a public school in this state in the preceding school year;  
  • has been placed in substitute care in this state, regardless of whether the student was enrolled in a public school in this state in the preceding year; or 
  • is a dependent of a member of the United States military, was previously enrolled in high school in this state, and does not reside in this state due to a military deployment or transfer.  

    Commissioner’s Rules for the Texas Virtual School Network 

    Administrative rules governing the TxVSN OLS program are available online. The rules provide guidance for school districts and charter schools participating in the TxVSN, in accordance with the Texas Education Code (TEC), Chapter 30A.    

    TxVSN OLS Funding   

    Eligible independent school districts and open-enrollment charter schools earn funding for a student enrolled in courses offered through the TxVSN OLS program in the same manner that the school earns funding for a student who is enrolled in a traditional classroom setting, provided that the student successfully completes the courses. 


    The following links are resources about TxVSN:

    Texas Education Code Chapter 30A—State Virtual School Network  

    Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 70—Technology-Based Instruction, Subchapter AA

    2010 Progress Report on the Long-Range Plan for Technology, Electronic Course Program (eCP) section beginning page 37, (PDF, 4.3MB)