Online Tools

Introducing the Texas Assessment Management Systems (TAMS). The Texas Assessment Management System provides test administrators, educators and families with the information and resources needed to prepare for and administer the STAAR, STAAR Alternate 2, TELPAS and TAKS assessments as well as access assessment results and reports. Here you can get a preview of what some of these tools will look like for parents, educators and administrators.

For Parents

Parents will have access to new tools to learn more about their child's results on STAAR and be provided resources to drive performance. Using a unique ID code, parents will be able to login to a secure student portal to learn more about their child's score and what to do to help their child succeed. There will also be tools to:

  • Better understand the assessment results
  • Learn more about the assessment itself
  • Learn how to help their child prepare
  • Acquire resources on literacy and lexiles
  • Explore frequently asked questions




For Educators

Educators will have access to new tools to learn more about the STAAR grades 3-8 and EOC assessments. Information and resources on how to help students prepare in the classroom for STAAR, including STAAR Spanish, will also be provided. The Texas Assessment Data Portal will also allow authorized educators to:

  • Access reports and summary data for all Texas assessments for their students
  • Learn more about all annual assessments for all grades, subjects and courses
  • Explore how the STAAR program was developed, designed and formatted




For Administrators

Administrators will be able to use the Texas Assessment Management System to locate resources and information specific to the administration of STAAR grades 3-8 and EOC assessments. Links are provided throughout the site to ease navigation between the different test management systems and other assessment program resources, including resources applicable to all assessment programs. Administrators will have options to learn about:

  • The STAAR exam
  • The STAAR Alternative 2, TELPAS and TAKS exams
  • Test administration
  • Training 
  • Test results
  • Frequently asked questions