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Early Childhood Data System

Prekindergarten Longitudinal Study:  A recent analysis of eligible Texas students who participated in public Pre-K in 1999 showed them today persisting in college at a 6.8 percent higher rate than their peers who were eligible, but did not attend public Pre-K

The Early Childhood Data System (ECDS) is a new state reporting feature in the Texas Student Data System (TSDS). The ECDS will be used to collect early childhood data to inform school districts, communities, and early childhood programs about the effectiveness of pre-kindergarten programs in preparing children for success in kindergarten under Texas Education Code (TEC) §29.161 See the ECDS FAQ page for more information. 

To The Administrator Addressed Letter: Early Childhood Data System (ECDS) for Public Prekindergarten, High Quality Prekindergarten Grant Program, Private Prekindergarten Providers and Kindergarten Data

2016-2017 Section 10 – TSDS Core Collections – ECDS


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Texas Public Education and Information Reports

See the High Quality PreK Case Study created by the Texas Comprehensive Center.

See the TPEIR State Report on prekindergarten eligibility and enrollment for the state of Texas.

Public Prekindergarten Program Reports

Explore the 2015-2016 reporting tool to get data on public prekindergarten.

Public Prekindergarten Assessment Reports

Explore the reporting tool to get information about prekindergarten assessment results.

Kindergarten Programs and Readiness Reports

Explore the reporting tool to get information about kindergarten programs and kindergarten readiness measures.

Texas Public Prekindergarten Class Size and Student-to- Teacher Ratio Study

During the 84th Legislative Legislation session, the Legislature passed House Bill 4 (HB 4).  Within HB 4, was a provision requesting a study be conducted to better understand the relationship between quality and class size and student-to-teacher ratios in prekindergarten.

Texas Public Prekindergarten Class Size and Student-to-Teacher Ratio Study (ICF International)(PDF, 1.5 MB) 


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